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Object-oriented Programming in C#
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PDF version as of Friday, February 5, 2010.

From this page there is access to PDF files of selected parts of the material.

LectureNormal sizeReduced size
The complete materialall.pdf-
Front mattersfront-matter.pdf-
1. Introduction to Object-oriented Programmingintro-oop.pdf-
2. Introduction to C#intro-csharp.pdf-
3. Classes and Objectsclasses.pdf-
4. Reference types, Value types, and Patterns more-classes.pdf-
5. Data Access, Properties, and Methodsoperations.pdf-
6. Operators, Delegates, and Eventsmore-operations.pdf-
7. Specialization, Extension, and Inheritanceinheritance.pdf-
8. Abstract classes, Interfaces, and Patternsmore-inheritance.pdf-
9. Exception Handlingexceptions.pdf-
10. Input and Output Classesio.pdf-
11. Generic Types and Methodsgenerics.pdf-
12. Collection Classescollections.pdf-
13. Contracts and Assertionscontracts.pdf-
14. Test of Object-oriented Programs--
15. Documentation of Object-oriented Programs--
16. An Introduction to LINQ--
17. Appendix--

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