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Functional Programming in Scheme

Expressions, Types, and FunctionsExercise 2.1Getting started with Scheme and LAML *No solution available
 Exercise 2.2Construction of symbolic expressions *Solution
 Exercise 2.3Every second element of a list **Solution
 Exercise 2.4Creation of association lists *Solution
 Exercise 2.5Association list and property lists *Solution
 Exercise 2.6Parameter passing in Scheme *No solution available
 Exercise 2.7Colors in HTML **Solution
 Exercise 2.8Letter case conversion **Solution
Name binding, Recursion, Iteration, and ContinuationsExercise 3.1HTML Header functions *Solution
 Exercise 3.2The function outline-copy *Solution
 Exercise 3.3The append function **Solution
 Exercise 3.4A list replication function **Solution
 Exercise 3.5Sublists of a list ***No solution available
Higher-order FunctionsExercise 4.1Using flip, negate, and compose *Solution
 Exercise 4.2Linear string search **Solution
 Exercise 4.3Index in list **Solution
 Exercise 4.4Binary search in sorted vectors ***No solution available
 Exercise 4.5Iterative mapping function **Solution
 Exercise 4.6Table exercise: transposing, row elimination, and column elimination. **No solution available
 Exercise 4.7A straightforward filter function **Solution
 Exercise 4.8Quantifier Functions **Solution
 Exercise 4.9Playing with curried functions in Scheme *No solution available
LAMLExercise 7.1Bookmark administration ***No solution available
Object-oriented programming in SchemeExercise 8.1Points and Rectangle ***Solution
 Exercise 8.2Color Point Extension ***Solution
 Exercise 8.3Representing HTML with objects in Scheme ****No solution available

Possible solutions can be found on the lecture specific exercise page (first column)

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