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Exercise solution:
The function outline-copy

Here is my first attempt (which is not correct):

  (define (outline-copy x)
    (cond ((pair? x)
              (cons (outline-copy (car x)) (outline-copy (cdr x))))
	  (else '-)))

The problem with this function is that it does not handle the empty list part correct.

Here is a better, and correct version:

  (define (outline-copy-1 x)
      (cond ((null? x) '()) 
            ((pair? x)
               (cons (outline-copy-1 (car x)) (outline-copy-1 (cdr x))))
            (else '-)))

Notice how difficult it would be program the copying function without use of recursion. The reason is, of course, that we need recursive functions to process a recursive data structure.