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Exercise 7.1
Bookmark administration ***

Exercise motivation: It is not practical to bind web bookmarks to a single machine nor to a single browser. Therefore we will maintain a list of bookmark entries in a file, and generate web bookmark pages from this description.

We will assume that we maintain a list of bookmark entries, each of the form

(bookmark URL title category comment)

The first constituent is a symbol (a tag that distinguishes bookmark entries from other structured data) and the other fields are text strings.

You can find an example of a bookmark list here. See the link in the web version.

The exercise is to complete a frame-based bookmark browser, given a list of bookmarks.You can find an example of a frame-based bookmark browser here. See again the link in the web version. To make it realistic for you to solve this exercises, you are only asked to make the left frame: the category overview frame. The frameset page and the right frame page are already programmed.

You are, however, supposed to understand the pre-programmed frame of the exercise. So start to read through the existing pieces of the program.

You can find the pre-programmed part of the bookmark browser in the zip file bookmarks-zip.zip. Please consult the web version of the material to get access to it. Unzip it, and LAML process the file bookmark.laml. Bring up the file bookmark-frameset.html in a browser to get started.

You are welcome to extend the solution, for example with a good use of the comment field from the bookmark entry.

There is no solution to this exercise