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Lecture 10

Input and Output Classes

Kurt NÝrmark ©
Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark

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A complete PDF version of the text book is now available. The PDF version is an almost complete subset of the HTML version (where only a few, long program listings have been removed). See here.

Page 1StreamsPage 21Members in class BinaryReader
Page 2The Stream ConceptPage 22The classes StringReader and StringWriter
Page 3The abstract class Stream in C#Page 23The Console class
Page 4The most important members in class StreamPage 24Members in the Console class
Page 5Subclasses of class StreamPage 25Directories and Files
Page 6Example: FilestreamsPage 26The File and FileInfo classes
Page 7The using control structurePage 27Members in class FileInfo
Page 8More FileStream ExamplesPage 28The Directory and DirectoryInfo classes
Page 9Readers and Writers in C#Page 29Members in class DirectoryInfo
Page 10The class EncodingPage 30Serialization
Page 11Sample use of class EncodingPage 31Serialization
Page 12The class TextWriterPage 32Examples of Serialization in C#
Page 13StreamWriter ExamplesPage 33Custom Serialization
Page 14Members in class StreamWriterPage 34Considerations about Serialization
Page 15The class TextReaderPage 35Serialization and Alternatives
Page 16StreamReader ExamplesPage 36Attributes
Page 17Members in class StreamReaderPage 37Patterns and Techniques
Page 18The class BinaryWriterPage 38The Decorator Pattern
Page 19BinaryWriter MembersPage 39The Decorator Pattern at Run Time
Page 20The class BinaryReaderPage 40The Decorator Pattern and Streams

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