Keynote Lectures

  1. "Keyword-Based Spatial Web Querying - Where We Are and Where We Are Going," Sixteenth Asia-Pacific Web Conference, Changsha, China, September 5–7, 2014.
  2. "Topics in Geo-Spatial Data Management: Spatial Keyword Querying and Beyond," German DB Meeting, Böblingen, Germany, December 5–6, 2013.
  3. "Spatial Keyword Querying of Geo-Tagged Web Content," Seventh International Workshop on Ranking in Databases, Riva del Garda, Italy, August 30, 2013.
  4. "Querying the Web With Local Intent," Fourteenth IEEE International Conference on Mobile Data Management, Milan, Italy, June 3–6, 2013.
  5. "The Spatial Web–A New Data Management Frontier," Thirtyfirst International Conference on Conceptual Modelling, Florence, Italy, October 15–18, 2012.
  6. "Data Management on the Spatial Web," Thirtyeighth International Conference on Very Large Databases, Istanbul, Turkey, August 27–31, 2012.
  7. "On the Roles of Spatio-Temporal Data in Web Search," International Workshop on Spatio-Temporal Data Integration and Retrieval, Washington D.C., USA, April 1, 2012.
  8. "Spatial Web Querying," 10 Years of Computer Science, Faculty of Computer Science, Free University of Bozen · Bolzano, Italy, December 2, 2011.
  9. "On the Querying for Places on the Mobile Web," Thirteenth Asia-Pacific Web Conference, Beijing, China, April 18–20, 2011.
  10. "Elements of a Spatial Web," Eleventh International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering, Hong Kong, China, December 12–14, 2010.
  11. "The Great Indoors: A Data Management Frontier," Second Workshop on Research Directions in Situational-Aware Self-Managed Proactive Computing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, Kansas City, MO, USA, May 23, 2010.
  12. "Data Management Infrastructure for the Mobile Web," Fifth International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grid, Zhuhai, China, October 12–14, 2009.
  13. "Location, Location, Location," Tenth International Conference on Mobile Data Management, Taipei, Taiwan, May 18–20, 2009.
  14. "When the Internet Hits the Road," Twelfth German Database Conference, Aachen, Germany, March 5–9, 2007.
  15. "How Would You Like to Aggregate Your Temporal Data?," Thirteenth International Symposium on Temporal Representation and Reasoning, Budapest, Hungary, June 15–17, 2006.
  16. "Geo-Enabled Mobile Services—A Tale of Routes, Detours, and Dead Ends," Eleventh International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, Singapore, April 12–15, 2006.
  17. "Data Management for Mobile Services—Location Tracking and Geo-Content Modeling," Sixth ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Middleware Conference, Grenoble, France, December 1, 2005.
  18. "Towards Knowing, Always and Everywhere, Where Everything Is, Precisely," Danish Map Days, Kolding, Denmark, November 17, 2005 (in Danish).
  19. "Towards Knowing, Always and Everywhere, Where Everything Is, Precisely," Fourth International Workshop on Web and Wireless Geographic Information Systems, Goyang, South Korea, November 26, 2004.
  20. "Data Management for Mobile Services in the Real World," Eighth International Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases, Santorini, Greece, July 26, 2003.
  21. "Location-Enabled Services—A Data Management Perspective," The Nordic GIS Conference: GI – Communication and Perspective, Aalborg, Denmark, November 25, 2002.
  22. "Research Challenges in Location-Enabled M-Services," Third International Conference on Mobile Data Management, Singapore, January 8–11, 2002.
  23. "Location-Based Services—A Database Perspective," Eighth Scandinavian Research Conference on Geographical Information Science, Ås, Norway, June 25–27, 2001.
  24. "Mobile E-Services and Their Challenges to Data Warehousing," 9. Fachtagung, Datenbanksysteme in Büro, Technik und Wissenschaft, Oldenburg, Germany, March 6, 2001.
  25. "Indexing of On-Line Moving Objects and Other M-Challenges," Korean Database Conference, Daejon, South Korea, May 12, 2000.

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