Research Projects

I have been involved in many externally funded projects. Here I cover some of those that are currently active.

TIMECENTER continues to serve as an umbrella for more specific, separately funded projects to do with temporal databases. A key objective of this initiative is to provide foundations for developing temporal database technology that is expressly technology transferable. Technical reports are available via TimeCenter's web page and via the DB Tech Reports page.

I am in charge of Aarhus University's participation in the GEOCROWD initial training network that aims to advance the state-of-the-art in managing large amounts of semantically rich, user-generated geospatial data in a web setting. The project offers full-time support for a dozen young, initial-stage scientists.

I am in charge of Aarhus University's participation in the FP7 STREP project Reduction. Reduction aims at combining vehicular and ICT technologies for collecting and analyzing historic and real-time data about driving behavior, routing information, and the associated carbon emissions measurements.

I am fortunate to be a member of the international group of researchers affiliated with the Sa Shixuan Research Center on Big Data Analysis and Management. The center is funded by the prestigious and highly competitive 111 Programe of Introducing Talents run by the Chinese Ministry of Education and Foreign Experts Affairs. The programe aims to introduce 1,000 overseas researchers for 100 subjects of 100 universities to collaborate on academic research. The main objectives of the research center are to enhance the research ability of teachers and to increase efforts to train talents by carrying out substantive cooperation with famous scholars from top universities all over the world.

I am affiliated with the Madalgo research center.

I am affiliated with the WallViz project that has as its objective to use visualization on wall-sized, interactive displays for improving decision making from massive collections of data.

I am affiliated with MOVE, which is an Action of the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Programme for knowledge extraction from massive amounts of data about moving objects.

I am affiliated with the project Detection of Location Significance from Quality Enhanced Trajectory Data at University of Queensland, funded by a Discovery Grant from the Australian Research Council.

I am co-investigator on the project Trustworthy Processing of Shortest Path Queries over Online Road Network Databases, funded by the Hong Kong Research Grants Council.

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