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Functional Programming in Scheme
Expressions, Types, and Functions
Property lists

A property list is a flat, even length list of associations

The HTML/XML/CSS attributes are represented as property lists in LAML documents

Association list

Property list

((peter . "windows")
 (lars . "mac")
 (paw . "linux")
 (kurt . "unix"))
(peter "windows"
 lars "mac"
 paw "linux"
 kurt "unix")

A comparison between association lists and property lists. In this example we associate keys (represented as symbols) to string values.

y:/Kurt/Files/courses/prog3/prog3-03/sources/notes/includes/laml-doc-proplist.lamlA simple LAML document with emphasis on the attributes, represented as property lists.

There are four attribute lists (property lists, each with its own color). Notice the CSS attribute css:text-decoration, given inline in the document .

In the LAML general library there are functions ( alist-to-propertylist and propertylist-to-alist ) that convert between association lists and property lists