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Functional Programming in Scheme
Expressions, Types, and Functions
Optional parameters of Scheme functions (2)

  • Observations about optional parameters:

    • The function optional-parameter is a LAML function from the general library

    • The optional parameter idea works well if there is a natural ordering of the relevance of the parameters

      • If parameter n is passed, it is also natural to pass parameter 1 to n-1

    • The idea does not work well if we need to pass optional parameter number n, but not number 1 .. n-1

Keyword parameters is a good alternative to optional parameter lists in case many, 'unordered' parameters need to passed to a function
We have demonstrated how we simulate optional parameter via the 'rest parameter list' mechanism in Scheme. It is also possible to simulate a keyword parameter mechanism. In a LAML context, this is done with respect to the passing of attributes to the HTML mirror functions.