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Functional Programming in Scheme
With Web Programming Examples

Foldoc: object-oriented programming
Foldoc: logic programming
Foldoc: functional programming
Foldoc: imperative
Foldoc: visual programming
The first version of the indent-pixels document
The second version of the indent-pixels document
Function objects
Manual entry of optional-parameter
HTML mirror functions in LAML
Foldoc: first class
R5RS: Procedures (Functions)
Foldoc: lambda calculus
Foldoc: function
R5RS: Definitions
R5RS: Strings
LAML String predicates
Other LAML String functions
R5RS: Vectors
Future exercise about binary search in vectors
R5RS: Booleans
R5RS: Characters
R5RS: Symbols
R5RS: Equivalence predicates
R5RS: Vectors
Table functions in the HTML4.0 convenience library
Future exercise about transposing, row elimination and column elimination
Another simple HTML table function
The HTML document that illustrates the property list representation of attributes
Manual entry of propertylist-to-alist
Manual entry of alist-to-propertylist
CSS attributes in HTML mirrors
Associative arrays - OOP (in Danish)
R5RS: Pairs and Lists
List functions in the general LAML library
R5RS: Quasiquotation
R5RS: List and pair functions in Scheme
Foldoc: list
Foldoc: cons
Foldoc: strong typing
Foldoc: weak typing
R5RS: Semantics (Types in Scheme)
Foldoc: type
Equivalence predicates in R5RS
Foldoc: prefix notation
R5RS: Numbers in Scheme
R5RS: Numerical operations
R5RS: Procedure calls
Beta Reduction - calling a function
Conditional expressions and the order of evaluation home page
The Scheme Language Report
Foldoc: Scheme
Foldoc: Lisp
Foldoc: prefix notation
Common Lisp the Language, 2nd Edition.
Dynamic Non-local exists (Common Lisp)
SVG Tutorial
Recursion - an ECIU material
R5RS: Proper tail recursion
Foldoc: iteration
Foldoc: recursion
AST functions in LAML
The HTML version of the web document that illustrates tree traversal
AST functions in LAML
Property lists
Lists in Scheme
Foldoc: recursion
Recursion - an ECIU material
string-merge example
Manual of the LAML general library
HTML mirror functions and lists
R5RS: if
R5RS: cond
Manual of the LAML time library
R5RS: Binding Constructs (let, let*, letrec)
Foldoc: let
The XHTML1.0 strict validating mirror
The XHTML1.0 transitional validating mirror
The XHTML1.0 frameset validating mirror
The HTML4.01 transitional validating mirror
The page with the 'Restructuring of lists' exercise
The HTML4.01 transitional validating mirror
The XHTML1.0 strict validating mirror
Foldoc: curried function
The string-merge function
The LAML general library
Foldoc: filter
Foldoc: map
The syntax of function definition
Foldoc: higher order function
SICP: Streams
R5RS: delay
R5RS: force
Foldoc: lazy evaluation
Foldoc: church-rosser
Foldoc: normal form
Foldoc: eta conversion
Foldoc: beta conversion
Foldoc: alpha conversion
Foldoc: referential transparency
Equality in Scheme
R5RS: Eval
R5RS: Apply
SICP: The full story about 'Lisp in Lisp'
SICP: Metalinguistic abstraction
The generated Course Plan page (web only)
Similar embedded language
LAML transformation functions
Example of the LAML course home page system
The LAML home page
The LAML tutorial
The LAML software home page - development version
The authors personal LAML calendar
The initial HTML document as rendered in a browser
The LAML generated document as rendered in a browser
Simulation of object-oriented mechanisms in Scheme - A technical report
Simulation of Object-oriented Concepts and Mechanisms in Scheme
let - simultaneous name binding
Foldoc: closure
Reading of writing of text files
The Text Collection and Skipping Library
LAML tools and commands
R5RS: Strings Scheme
R5RS: Vectors in Scheme
List and pairs in Scheme
Scheme assignment
Input output procedures