Utilities Corner

xmmsctrl 1.9
xmmsctrl is a small utility to control xmms from the command line. Its goal is to be used coupled with sh to test xmms state and perform an appropriate action, e.g. if playing then pause else play. The interest of this is to bind keys in a window manager to have control over xmms with keys that do play/next/pause, prev, control sound...
FancyLauncher 0.10
This is the successor of E-FancyLauncher. Dedicated page here.
This program launcher provides blendable buttons with background, hilight... a clock and a pop mail checker. Snapshot
Download FancyLauncher-0.10-1.i686.rpm
Download FancyLauncher-0.10-1.src.rpm
Download FancyLauncher-0.10.tar.gz
Installation from rpm: rpm -ivh FancyLauncher-0.10-1.i686.rpm
Installation from tar: untar, go into directory, make, make install.
Configuration: create in your home directory a directory .FancyLauncher and then copy the plugins directory with: cp -r /usr/local/FancyLauncher/plugins ~/.FancyLauncher/