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Saleem Vighio

Ph.D. Student
Department of Computer Science
Aalborg University
Selma Lagerlöfs Vej 300
DK-9220 Aalborg East
Room: 1.2.03
Phone Office: (+45) 99 40 72 23
vighio AT cs DOT aau DOT dk 

I am a PhD student at dept. of Computer Science, Aalborg University Denmark.

I am working on formal analysis of Web services protocols and comensation.

Project description:
In order to fulfill a common business goal, modern e-business applications interact with other applications beyond their organization boundaries. However, reaching a joint and consistent agreement requires that these applications communicate using Web services coordination and agreement protocols. However, the informal description of these protocols is often imprecise and ambiguous. Therefore, it is very important to verify these protocols before using them. We provide formal verification of Web services coordination protocols. The main focus of our analyses lies in the verification of the informal description of these protocols provided as state-transition-tables. Furthermore, we also verify key properties of these protocols related to business applications e.g., reaching a consistent agreement on the outcome of the protocols, and the verification of a termination property, which is a very important property of applications that always require to complete their tasks. Another important issue we address is what happens when protocols encounter errors. In case of errors, performing a rollback destroys the work performed. Therefore, perfoming rollback to recover from faults is not a good idea in practice. In order to overcome this problem, we investigate different compensation mechanisms offered by protocols and in general.

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