Machine Learning
(Emerging Technologies in Intelligent Systems)

Spring 2001

What is machine learning ?

Tom Mitchell: "Machine Learning is concerned with computer programs that automatically improve their performance through experience. This course covers the theory and practice of machine learning from a variety of perspectives. We cover topics such as learning decision trees, neural network learning, statistical learning methods, genetic algorithms, Bayesian learning methods, explanation-based learning, and reinforcement learning. The course covers theoretical concepts such as inductive bias, the PAC and Mistake-bound learning frameworks, minimum description length principle, and Occam's Razor."


The intended audience, etc.


Uffe Kjśrulff, room no. E1-105.


Tom Mitchell (1997), Machine Learning , McGraw Hill.

Available at Aalborg Centerboghandel, Fredrik Bajers Vej 7B, at a price of DKK 470 (10% discount for students).

Errata for printings one and two available in PostScript and PDF formats.

Review of the book available in PostScript and PDF formats.

Lecture plan (and slides)


Date & time


Introduction to Machine Learning Thu 1 Feb 10:15 E3-209

Concept Learning, Version Spaces Fri 23 Feb 10:15 E3-209

Decision Trees Wed 28 Feb 14:30 E3-209

Singlelayer Neural Networks Wed 7 Mar 14:30 E3-209

Multilayer Neural Networks Wed 14 Mar 14:30 E3-209

Exercise: Neural networks and face images Wed 21 Mar 12:30 No lecture

Evaluating Hypotheses Wed 28 Mar 14:30 E3-209

Bayesian Learning: MAP & ML Wed 4 Apr 14:30 E3-209

Bayesian Networks, EM Algorithm Wed 11 Apr 14:30 E3-209


Instance-Based Learning Wed 18 Apr 14:30 E3-209


Genetic Algorithms Wed 2 May 14:30 E3-209


Learning Rules Wed 9 May 14:30 E3-209


Single-Agent Reinforcement Learning Wed 16 May 14:00 E3-209


Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Wed 16 May 15:00 E3-209


Summary of selected topics Wed 23 May 14:30 E3-209

Examination (Files in Danish.)

List of potential examination requirements. (In Danish.)

List of actual examination requirements. (ps file)

List of actual examination requirements. (pdf file)

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