Personal web page for
Uffe Kjærulff
Associate professor at
Department of Computer Science
Aalborg University

Address: Fredrik Bajers Vej 7E, DK-9220 Aalborg Ø, Denmark
Telephone: +45 9940 9940 (switch), +45 9940 7221 (direct)
Fax: +45 9940 9798

Halldor Laxness Vej 37
DK-9220 Aalborg Ø
Telephone: +45 9815 2482


I am a member of the Research Unit of Decision Support Systems at the Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University.

My research interests concern Bayesian networks. See my publication list for details.


Curriculum vitae

For further information, see my CV.

Last updated: 8 November 2007