The 4R-tree is an access method for general bitemporal data. Here we provide the C++ source code of it. The 4R-tree is implemented as it is described in TimeCenter technical report TR-30 "Light-Weight Indexing of General Bitemporal Data"[.ps.gz]. The provided source code also implements access methods based on the R-tree and 2R-tree maximum-timestamp approaches. The implementation is based on a debugged and revised version of GiST (Generalized Search Tree) release 0.9beta1.
The source code compiles into a stand-alone experimental testbed. The testbed provides commands for creating, dropping, opening, and closing an index, searching an index, inserting and deleting data, accumulating I/O statistics, changing different parameters (e.g., page size, size of simulated page buffer), changing current time value, etc. Example command files are provided together with the source code.
Download the source code[tar.gz.].
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Learn about the testbed commands.

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