1st International Workshop of Social Knowledge Discovery and Utilization (SKDU'12)
In conjunction with IEEE/ACM ASONAM'2012, 26-29, August 2012, Istanbul, Turkey. http://www.asonam2012.etu.edu.tr

International workshop of Social Knowledge Discovery and Utilization

Workshop Description

Today the emergence of web-based communities and hosted services such as social networking sites, microbloggings, wikis and folksonomies, brings in tremendous freedom of Web autonomy and facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing between users. Along with the interaction between users and computers, social cyberspace is rapidly becoming an important part of our digital experience, ranging from digital textual information to diverse multimedia forms. These aspects and characteristics constitute of the core of second generation of Web. Some sorts of on-the-fly experience is learned and obtained by daily users. This type of experience can, in addition, be recognized as a particular way to cultivate domain knowledge. One typical instance is friend-sourcing. Friend-sourcing gathers social information in a social context, which information can be used to personalize users's computing experiences, for example to aid question answering for topics comprehensible only to a few of a user's friends.

A prominent challenge lies in modeling and mining this vast pool of data to extract, represent and distribute the meaningful knowledge and to utilize structures and dynamics of the social knowledge, such as emerging social networks residing in the social media, for better user experience and satisfaction. This workshop attempts to fill the gap between social experience and knowledge discovery and utiliztion, encouraging to share achievements, experiments, and ideas from the perspective of knowledge discovery and data mining, and to propose a range of strategies and practices to identify, create, represent, distribute, and enable the adoption of novel insights and experiences for knowledge utilization.

The main goals of the workshop are: (1) to create a platform to discuss latest issues, trends, solutions, and cutting-edge research strategies in knowledge discovery and utilization in context of social cyberspace; (2) to bring together acdemic researchers and industrial practitioners to discuss problems, current studies, and solutions on how the knowledge is discovered and utilized in a socialized environment to facilitate human experience and satisfaction. We solicit original and high quality submissions addressing all aspects of this field. The topics of interest include, but are not be limited to the following:

  • Computational models for social media
  • Influence, trust, and privacy
  • Search in social networks and social media
  • Interoperability among social applications and social media
  • Techniques for social-network analysis/mining and for the analysis of social-media phenomena
  • Adversarial blogging and counter measures
  • Counter-Terror social network analysis
  • Social networking security risks
  • Social engineering through social networks
  • Data privacy in Social Networks
  • Secure information sharing in online communities
  • Social networking safety
  • Security issues in mobile social networking
  • Trust-based social networks
  • Anonymization of social network datasets
  • Link analysis and network structure discovery
  • Community detection and evolution
  • Blog search and retrieval
  • Group interaction, collaboration, and recommendation
  • Knowledge discovery (collective wisdom, trend analysis, and topic detection)
  • Social aspects of Blogosphere
  • Human interface and interaction techniques for social media