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Functional Programming in Scheme
Linguistic abstraction
Course home page embedding in Scheme

The simple course home page language is an embedded list language in Scheme

(let ((ttl "Programming Paradigms")
      (max 5)
      (current 3)


   (name ,ttl)

   (number-of-lectures ,max)

     (map downcase-string  
       (list "intr" "scheme" "HIGHER-ORDER-FN" 
       "eval-order" "lisp-languages")))

   (current-lecture ,current)

     "schemers.org" "http://www.schemers.org/"
     "LAML" "http://www.cs.auc.dk/~normark/laml/"
     "Haskell" "http://haskell.org/"

A sample embedding of a course home document in a Scheme program. We use a quasiquotation to provide for a representation of the course home page as a list structure in the Scheme context.