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Functional Programming in Scheme
Summary of Mirror Rules

The HTML mirror conventions of LAML can be summarized in six rules

  • Rule 1
    An attribute name is a symbol in Scheme, which must be followed by an expression of type string, which plays the role as the attribute's value.

  • Rule 2
    Parameters which do not follow a symbol are content elements (strings or instances of elements).

  • Rule 3
    All content elements are implicitly separated by white space.

  • Rule 4
    A distinguished data object (the boolean value false) which we conveniently bind to a variable named _ suppresses white space at the location where the value appears.

  • Rule 5
    Every place an attribute or a content element is accepted we also accept a list, the elements of which are processed recursively and unfolded into the result.

  • Rule 6
    An attribute with the name css: a refers to the a attribute in CSS.