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Functional Programming in Scheme
LAML: Lisp Abstracted Markup Language

We now introduce the LAML system, which basically is Scheme with access to libraries which mirror HTML. In addition, we support a number of functions which in our experience are very helpful during a typical web authoring process. Some of these functions are organized in document styles, others in tools of various kinds.

LAML means Lisp Abstracted Markup Language

LAML provides abstractions, in terms of functions, for HTML. Beyond these it is possible to create arbitrary abstractions, along the line of XML.

  • LAML fundamentals:

    • The Scheme programming language itself

    • Mirrors of HTML and XML languages in Scheme

    • A number of useful libraries

    • A number of LAML document styles

    • A number of LAML tools

    • An Emacs Environment for practical use of LAML

LAML = Scheme + The HTML and XML mirrors