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Functional Programming in Scheme
Imperative programming in Scheme
Imperative features in LAML

LAML needs imperative features for file IO, handling of LAML context information, and high level commands

  • Overview of imperative features in LAML:

    • The procedures write-text-file and read-text-file

      • At a higher level procedures such as write-html which surrounds many HTML mirror documents in Scheme

    • Many high level procedures which represent tools or commands

      • Such as xml-parse, xml-pp, and schemedoc

      • File handling in general

    • Definition of LAML context information

      • fake-startup-parameters, laml-cd, ...

In some situations we have internally in LAML used imperative patching of functional programs, because functional patching has been too difficult and too time consuming

Unfortunately, we have not systematically used the 'exclamation mark' naming convention of LAML procedures.