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Functional Programming in Scheme
Higher-order Functions
Tables with higher-order functions

Instead of explicit composition of td and tr elements we can use a mapping to apply tr to rows and td to elements



(define rows 
  '(("This" "is" "first" "row")
   ("This" "is" "second" "row")
   ("This" "is" "third" "row")
   ("This" "is" "fourth" "row"))

(table 'border 5
   (compose tr (gmap td)) rows))
This is first row
This is second row
This is third row
This is fourth row

In the table expression we map - at the outer level - a composition of tr and a td-mapper. The td-mapper is made by (gmap td).

The last example illustrates that (gmap td) is a useful building block, which can be composed with other functions.

The last example depends on the fact that the HTML mirror functions accept lists of elements and attributes.