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Functional Programming in Scheme
Higher-order Functions
The function simple-html-table

In an earlier exercise - 'restructuring of lists' - we have used the function simple-html-table

We will now show how it can be implemented

(define simple-html-table 
 (lambda (column-widht list-of-rows)
  (let ((gmap (curry-generalized map))
          (modify-element td 'width
                          (as-string column-widht))))
      'border 1
       (gmap (compose tr (gmap td-width)) list-of-rows))))))

The function simple-html-table. Locally we bind gmap to the curry generalized map function. We also create a specialized version of td, which includes a width attribute the value of which is passed as parameter to simple-html-table . In the body of the let construct we create the table in the same way as we have seen earlier in this lecture.