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Functional Programming in Scheme
Higher-order Functions
The zipping function

y:/Kurt/Files/courses/prog3/prog3-03/sources/notes/includes/zipping.scmThe function zip.



(zip cons '(1 2 3) '(a b c))
((1 . a) (2 . b) (3 . c))
(apply string-append
  '("Rip" "Rap" "Rup")
  '(", " ", and " "")))
"Rip, Rap, and Rup"
  '("Rip" "Rap" "Rup") '(", " ", and "))
"Rip, Rap, and Rup"

Examples of zipping.

Zip is similar to the function string-merge from the LAML general library

However, string-merge handles lists of strings non-equal lengths, and it concatenates the zipped results