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Program 2
using System;
using NUnit.Framework;

public class BankAccountTest{

  BankAccount ba1, ba2, ba3;
  const double tol = 0.000001;

  public void Init(){
    ba1 = new BankAccount("Peter");
    ba2 = new BankAccount("Jens", 1000.0);
    ba3 = new BankAccount("Martin", 2000.0, 0.03);

  public void InitTest(){
    Assert.AreEqual(0.0, ba1.Balance, tol, "ba1 init ");
    Assert.AreEqual(1000.0, ba2.Balance, tol, "ba2 init balance");
    Assert.AreEqual(2000.0, ba3.Balance, tol, "ba3 init balance");

    Assert.AreEqual(0.0, ba1.InterestRate, tol, "ba1 interest rate");
    Assert.AreEqual(0.0, ba2.InterestRate, tol, "ba2 interest rate");
    Assert.AreEqual(0.03, ba3.InterestRate, tol, "ba3 interest rate");
  public void DepositTest(){
    ba1.Deposit(100); ba2.Deposit(100); ba3.Deposit(100);
    Assert.AreEqual(100.0, ba1.Balance, tol, "ba1 deposit");
    Assert.AreEqual(1100.0, ba2.Balance, tol, "ba2 deposit");
    Assert.AreEqual(2100.0, ba3.Balance, tol, "ba3 deposit");

  public void WithdrawTest(){
    ba1.Withdraw(100.0);  ba2.Withdraw(100.0);  ba3.Withdraw(100.0);
    Assert.AreEqual(-100.0, ba1.Balance, tol, "ba1 withdraw");
    Assert.AreEqual(900.0, ba2.Balance, tol, "ba2 withdraw");
    Assert.AreEqual(1900.0, ba3.Balance, tol, "ba3 withdraw");

  public void AddInterestsTest(){
    ba1.AddInterests();  ba2.AddInterests();  ba3.AddInterests();
    Assert.AreEqual(0.0, ba1.Balance, tol, "ba1 add interest");
    Assert.AreEqual(1000.0, ba2.Balance, tol, "ba2 add interest");
    Assert.AreEqual(2060.0, ba3.Balance, tol, "ba3 add interest");