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Exercise 14.4
Install Nunit

Download and install the latest stable version Nunit from www.nunit.org on your computer. If you have not already done so, consult the basic information about NUnit on the accompanying slide.

More specifically, for Windows users, goto the NUnit download page and download the most recent stable version of NUNIT for .NET 2.0. As of February 2010 this is the NUnit- file (a Windows installer file). You can also get this file directly from here.

Mono users on Linux probably already have an installation of NUnit. According to the NUnit documentation, Mono 1.0 through Mono 1.9 include NUnit 2.2. Try calling the NUnit console runner named nunit-console from your shell. Please be aware of the version you are running. The newest stable version of NUnit is 2.5.3 (as of February 2010). Mono users are recommended to use version 2.4.8, however. See also the release notes.

Next, consult the NUnit documentation. Pay attention to the menu to the right. In particular the CORE FEATURES documentation of Assertions and Attributes.

There is no solution to this exercise