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Source Programs
An Introduction to LINQ

The Note Context in the rightmost column is only shown in case an annotated program exists. - You can navigate to the annotated program via the annotated slide view (= 'the note context').

Sample Data - short form.data.csSlide context--
The average age of all females.ex1.csSlide context--
The average age of all females - basic version.ex2.csSlide context--
A comma-separated list of all male first names, youngest first.ex3.csSlide context--
A sequence of female-male pairs sequences.ex4.csSlide context--
Same - using flattening SelecteMany.ex4A.csSlide context--
Reproduction of some central query operations.reproductions.csSlide context--
Using the reproduced query operations.using-reproductions.csSlide context--
Same program with use of query syntax.ex1-qs.csSlide context--
Same program with use of query syntax.ex3-qs.csSlide context--
The Sieve query operator.sieve-query-operator.csSlide context--
An application of the Sieve query operator.sieve-application.csSlide context--
The AdInfinitum extension method in type long.long-extension.csSlide context--

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