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Object-oriented Programming in C#
An Introduction to LINQ
A Final Example: Sieve of Eratosthenes.

An simple and elegant way of finding prime numbers

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/linq/sieve-query-operator.csThe Sieve query operator.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/linq/sieve-application.csAn application of the Sieve query operator.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/linq/long-extension.csThe AdInfinitum extension method in type long.

/user/normark/oop-csharp-1/sources/c-sharp/linq/sieve-outputThe program output - the first 100 primes.