The different views in teaching material produced using the LENO system

As an important characteristics of LENO, each page can be shown in at least three, and depending on the material, possibly four different views:

In slide view the primary information on a page is shown using a large font, hereby making it attractive to present the information from a browser via a projector in an auditorium.

In the annotated slide view the primary information is shown with a number of annotations, which are associated with the individual constituents of a slide page. As in slide view, a single page is shown in isolation from all other pages, but links to the previous and the next page exists.

An aggregated lecture view shows the primary slide information and the annotations of all pages in a lecture. Thus, in this view, the pages of a lecture are all aggregated into a single 'lecture page'. The information contents of this view is the same as the sum of the information of the all annotated slides in a single lecture.

The thematic view typically shows most slide elements, including the annotations, with additional interleavning text. Typically, but not necessarily, a theme correspond to a section of slides. In the theme view of a material, elements such as programs, images, tables, and exercises are numbered hierarchically. Themes are not always present in a LENO-based material. The thematic view of the material may be available as PDF files via the 'printer icon'. It takes extra efforts by the autor to create a thematic view of the material. Use the yellow T icon to navigate to thematic expositions, if they are available.

In addition, LENO supports generation of an automatically progressing slide show with the teacher's speaker sound. For this to work, the author needs to record the speaker sound and prepare the sequencing and timing of the individual pages in the show. An automatically progressing slide show with speaker sound is started from the lecture overview page, with one of the small speaker icons or from one of the textually anchored links just above the note page table. The slide show brings you through selected slide pages, programs, and image series. Notice that some of the slide pages my be visited more than once (such as before and after an external program page or image series - with different speaker sounds). The speaker sound can come from wav of mp3 files. If the material is located on a web server, the sound is streamed to your browser, and currently it relies on RealPlayer from



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