Installation guide

How to install the LENO system on your own computer

The LENO system can be installed on both Windos and Linux. Depending on whether the LENO system is installed on Windows or Linux a number of software packages have to be installed. The table below provides links to the software for the two platforms; a detailled installation guide is given below the table. The number in the left column of the table refers to the number of the item below in which the installation process is described.

Windows Linux
1 Emacs 21.2 for PCs -
2 PLT Scheme newest version for PCs PLT Scheme newest version for Linux
3 LAML software LAML software
4. Finish the LENO installation process (see below) Finish the LENO installation process (see below)

Installation guide for Windows

Installation guide for Linux

Try out the installation with a small example

In order to try out your installation of the LENO system we recommend you to try out this simple example my_first_LENO_example.leno

Other examples can be found in The LENO Tutorial.

Software for advanced use of the LENO system

Please note that for more advanced use of graphics and sound tracks in teaching material produced using the LENO system is is necessary to install additional software. The software can be found and installed via the table below. It is not necessary to install this software for basic use of the LENO system.

Windows Linux
SVG viewer from Adobe -
Real Player from Real Player from

For setup of the RealPlayer see for instance Aalborg University's video pages.



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