Finn Verner Jensen

Phone : (+45) 3024 5460
e-mail :, where ‘dpt’ is ‘cs
Home : Olufsgade 26, DK-9700 Brønderslev, Denmark
Born : June 13th 1945 in Tønder, Denmark
Family Status : Married since 1967, two children; Marianne (born 1968) and Olav (born 1972)

Academic degrees :

Cand. Scient (Mathematics and Physics) 1970, Århus University
Dr. Math (Mathematical Logic) 1974, Warsaw University
Pædagogikum (Secondary School Teacher's Certificate), 1977

Dr. Techn., 2004, Aalborg University

Positions held :

2014: Retired

1998: Professor, Aalborg University
1989: Docent (Reader), Aalborg University
1986: Project manager, JUDEX ltd., Aalborg
1974: Lektor (Associate Professor), Aalborg University 1972: Research Fellow, Århus University
1970: Scientific Assistant, Århus University
1969: Scientific Assistant, Oslo University



Honorary member of the F-club

Honorary member of BAS

Ridder af Dannebrog

Nordjysk Universitetsfonds Innovationspris

Anna og Arne Aabenhus' legat

Visiting Positions :

Visiting Professor, Paris VI, February 1998
Visiting Scholar, Edinburgh University, 1980/81
Visiting Research Fellow, Warsaw University, 1972-1974

Research Adminstration :

Head of the board of directors for the Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence

Area Editor for the International Journal of Approximate reasoning

General Chair of ECSQARU-03

Member of the programme board for ECSQARU-01
Programme chair of IJCAI-99
Head of the Hewlett Packard Laboratory for Normative Systems, Aalborg University, 1998-2003
Leader of SACSO, a joint project with Hewlett Packard funded by CIT, 1997-98
Deputy head of DINA-Aalborg, a research programme financed by the Danish research Councils under the PIFT programme, 1995-97
Programme co-chair of the Twelfth Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, 1996
Member of the programme board for the IJCAI-95 workshop on Bayesian networks
Programme chair and local organizer of the Third Workshop on Normative Systems, 1993
Leader of ODIN, a research centre on Bayesian networks; financed by the Danish research councils under the PIFT programme, 1991-95
Principal investigator at JUDEX ltd. in the ESPRIT I project P599, 1986-89

Further administrative experience :

Chairman of Aalborg University’s board for patents and contracts 2002-2005

Member of the board for the Faculty of Engineering and Science 2001-

Member of the F-studienævn (Managing body of the studies of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science at Aalborg University), 1996-2000
Member of various departmental executive bodies, 1981-86
Member of FLUNA (Ministerial Advisory Board for Science Educations), 1978-80
Head of the F-study board, 1979-80
Deputy Dean for the Faculty of Science and Engineering, 1976-79
Member of various planning bodies during the establishment of Aalborg University, 1974-76

Further activities:

Active as text writer, actor, producer … in BAS
Regional head of DATS (Danish society of amateur drama companies) 1998-2001
Chairman for BAS, 1990-1994, 2002-13