Smart House Cassiopeia Project


Welcome to the homepage of the Smart House Cassiopeia Project.


Project Goals


The goals of the project are to build a platform for experiments with indoor positioning technology, especially WLAN, and a number of test scenarios.


The platform will build on Streamspin (

The platform will also use the IFC model to represent the building.

The platform will be sufficiently generic to support other indoor positioning technologies such as Bluetooth and RFID.


Project Participants



Christian S. Jensen, Professor

Kaj Jřrgensen, Associate professor

Bent Thomsen, associate professor

Rene Hansen, PhD. Student and Project Manager

Rico Wind, PhD. Student

Peter Brix, Student Programmer

Daniel John Kold, Student Programmer

Andreas Buus Iversen, Student Programmer

Laurynas Šikšnys, Student Programmer


Project Google Group