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A picture of me Department of Computer Science
Aalborg University
Selma Lagerlöfs vej 300
DK-9220 Aalborg East
Email : apr"at"cs.aau.dk


I am Emeritus Professor of Computing at the Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University. I am atttached to the Distributed, Embedded and Intelligent Systems Unit and to the the  CISS center within the Faculty of Engineering and Science.


My broad interest is methods for development of embedded systems, in particular the engineering of software for such systems. I believe that software engineering, like other more mature engineering disciplines, shall have a foundation in mathematical theories and then explain by prescriptions or methods, how the theories are applied to solve classes of problems.

I spend quite some time investigating industrial cases in order to learn more about the issues. In this context, I am very interested in understanding how formal development methods may support. hard real-time applications and component based technologies

Topics that spring from this interest are contracts for component based systems and contracts in service based systems.

I have also worked on the foundations for description of real time properties by means of Duration Calculus - a class of interval logics. This theory has been tested successfully on a variety of case studies.

Hard real-time systems are often found in complex control systems. Thus I take an interest in Hybrid Systems, which combine non-trivial discrete changes with continuous evolutions.

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